Ad Only Shows Up For Kids Eyes

ANAR Foundation manages hotline in Europe to help at risk children and teenagers from abuse and neglect. On this hotline they can find the help they need in a totally anonymous and confidential manner. But they struggled with figuring out a way to get children to know the number even exists. How could they get their message out to a child abuse victim, even when they might be accompanied by their aggressor?

Knowing the average height for adults and children under 10, GREY Spain has created two different messages. Using an outdoor lenticular print they show adults an awareness message, while children see an additional message that offers them help and the number for the hotline.

I love how ingenious the use of technology and design has become in this campaign to solve a real problem this foundation was having reaching out to their target audience. Hopefully we’ll see more adaptations like this to come from them and other similar groups.

via Gizmodo