10 Tips For Your Annual Appeal

Its that time of year again! Time to execute your Annual Appeal to get some last minute donations before the new year. We stumbled onto a great blog post from fundraising consultant Ruthellen Rubin. The post is 2 years old but the information is timeless! As she says, copy this list, print it out, and refer to it offen as you plan and execute your Annual Appeal.

Ruthellen’s Ten Step Plan:

  1. (The best) Letter (we are capable of constructing) is written, proofread and approved.
  2. Mailing Lists are segmented by groups.
  3. Targeted asks for loyal donors have been thoughtfully determined.
  4. Complete mailing package (traditionally: letter, donation return envelope and an informational insert) weighs under one ounce for postal mailing.
  5. Printer/Mail House has been notified of your schedule.
  6. Website has been updated to reflect the same information that is in your postal mailing.
  7. E-Appeal has been constructed in sync with your postal appeal and thoughtfully scheduled.
  8. Plan is in place to coordinate your social network voice to correspond to your Appeal.
  9. Gift processing strategy has been reviewed with your business office so that donors will be thanked accurately and promptly upon receipt of their donations.
  10. Your “case for support” this holiday season is reflected in all communications with supporters.

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