The Sexperience 1000 – Interactive Infographic

We’re loving this interactive infographic for The Sexperience 1000. It’s an interactive journey through the sexual experiences and preferences of one thousand British individuals derived from 20 survey questions Channel 4 posed to the British public. For instance, you can see things like:

  • What’s the favorite sexual position of iPhone users in the North?
  • Do country music lovers over 55 prefer to do it in the dark?
  • How often do single Britains “do it” in a week?

Interestingly, the infographic was built in Flash so it’s nice to see that some nonprofits are still using it these days when its appropriate. And don’t worry – its safe to check out at work – no nudity or anything. Enjoy!

How To Increase Your Likability

As we take some time this Thanksgiving week to reflect on what we’re thankful for, we also should examine what it is that makes us likable to other people. We love this infographic from silicon valley wiz Guy Kawasaki, an excerpt from his new book Enchantment.

Of course this kind of thinking could be used in a professional as well as personal situation, but more importantly we think this is terrific food for thought when it comes to fundraising. Knowing the basics of human interaction like this is of course one of the basic requirements of success for any major fundraiser, so take the time and review this a little bit. You might be surprised at what elements you’ve forgotten about or perhaps become a little lackadaisical with as you age.

How To Increase YOur Likability Infographic

If Social Media Sites Were Superheroes…

I ran into this quite hysterical infographic explaining what kind of social media sites are out there. Its quite true that each of these social networks is great in its own right, but when put into the context of using all of these, you can see right away which ones end up becoming the leaders (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn). Even though its a funny piece, there is some truth to it that our readers could benefit from. If you’re unfamiliar with any of these sites then we suggest you get to know them and try them out. At the very least, you need to understand the who and why of these social networks to make sure you’re not alienating any of your supporters by not being represented on there.

Hope you enjoy and be sure to check out the original link because it also has other links to great infographics that are just as informative!

The Difference Between Mac and PC Users: A Hunch Survey

Personalized recommendation site Hunch has shared some pretty interesting info it has gathered about the major differences between Mac and PC users. Some of it is kind of expected, like  “58% of Mac people are liberal”, but I was surprised by most of the findings, especially that “Mac people are 80% more likely to be vegetarian”.

All joking aside, this impromptu study convinces me ever so slightly that it might actually be time to give up just focusing on age demographics or political views but instead started marketing towards users of specific brands of computer platforms. So the big question I pose to you is: How is your organization courting both the Mac and PC user bases?