Get A Free Flickr Pro Account For Your Cause

As the new year approaches is a good idea to start thinking about how you’re going to be handling your marketing for 2012. One thing we think should be on every causes radar is making sure you have a one-stop place for pictures and graphics to be used with your organization. Our best recommendation for this is Flickr and now they’ve teamed up with Tech Soup to create Flickr for Good, offering 10,000 1-year Flickr Pro accounts. Pretty Awesome if you ask us!

Not sure what you can do with a Flickr account? Well check out our client Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s Flickr. They do a terrific job of updating it regularly with new pictures of their animals, supporters, and staff. By doing this they provide a personal side to whom they are as an organization and make them very approachable for donations and support in the future.

To apply just click on the corresponding link of the country your cause is in:


For organizations based in the United States or Canada, apply directly to TechSoup.

DonorTec provides technology information services to NGOs throughout Australia and is operated by Community Information Strategies Australia.

TechDonation provides social welfare services in Hong Kong and is operated by The Hong Kong Council of Social Services (HKCSS), an umbrella organization for 340+ agency members.

Charity Technology Exchange
CTX is a program of the Charity Technology Trust (CTT), an NGO that empowers British charities through the effective use of technology services and consulting.

Photo courtesy of bradleypjohnson on Flickr

If Social Media Sites Were Superheroes…

I ran into this quite hysterical infographic explaining what kind of social media sites are out there. Its quite true that each of these social networks is great in its own right, but when put into the context of using all of these, you can see right away which ones end up becoming the leaders (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn). Even though its a funny piece, there is some truth to it that our readers could benefit from. If you’re unfamiliar with any of these sites then we suggest you get to know them and try them out. At the very least, you need to understand the who and why of these social networks to make sure you’re not alienating any of your supporters by not being represented on there.

Hope you enjoy and be sure to check out the original link because it also has other links to great infographics that are just as informative!