Full Contact Social Media: NFL (politely) Fires Back

I’m going to keep this short and to the point. Time and time again I’ve sat back and watched brands take verbal beatings on facebook from angry mobs of internet tough-guys. Sometimes it’s hilarious. Most of the time it’s just plain rude.

Usually brands either just avoid them completely leave some bland general response like this:

Hi (insert random name here)! We’re sorry that you’re dissatisfied. Please contact us at support@blahblahbrand.com.

[toggle title=”Why do they do This?”]

1) It’s smart; it’s safe and won’t lead to a PR nightmare.

2) Don’t want to add fuel to the fire. People rally!

3) Defending yourself can be exhausting. [/toggle]


Not Everyone is so Passive

Occasionally I find a gem (at least I’d think so). Recently the NFL announced via facebook that Carrie Underwood would be taking over the theme song for Sunday Night Football.


Some people didn’t respond so kindly…


NFL - Google Chrome_2013-05-13_15-14-11

NFL - Google Chrome_2013-05-13_15-16-19


And then I noticed that the NFL had actually replied to a few of these…



Is This Really the Solution?

Now I’m not saying go out there and bash the haters,  but it sure is refreshing to see someone lightheartedly firing back. On a side note, I think Carrie Underwood has a wonderful voice  :)